January, 29

   The "Ricord's year on the admiral's native land" began on January, 29. This date is the admiral's birthday.

   It was begun by opening of the anniversary exhibition in the local Museum. It's very pleasant to notice that the museum exposition is widen with a new unusual for far from the sea Toropets theme of the ocean, far-away travels, international contacts. The exposition is quite big. It shows all steps and all aspects of Ricord's activity. The walls of the Toropets local Museum are covered with maps of around-the-worlds expeditions, maps of Kamchatka, Sea of Okhotsk, Greece. Ancient texts, portraits, pictures of ships, newpapers and magazines, imperial rescripts, Japanese Samurai armour, prints of Kronshtadt forts - all these tell visitors about different aspects of Ricord's 60-years perfect service to 4 Russian imperators. There is a special stand is devoted to numerous Ricord's awards. Besides ancient documents there are also contemporary documents in the exposition telling about cultural and historical events in Japan, in some places connected with Ricord's activity for saving Russian sailors from the Japanese captivity and establishing first contacts with this far unknown country. A great part of the documetns is devoted to Takataya Kahe-i. He is a Japanese merchant, bisunessman and public man. He helped Ricord to solve the conflict between Russia and Japan in 1811 - 1813 known as "Golovnin incident" peacefully and avoid the war between these countrues in the beginning of the 19-th century. The exhibition is prepared by N. Platonova and S. Ermakova working in the Regional Museum in cooperation with A. Tikhotsky the leading research assistant from Saint-Petersburg and full member of the Russian Geographic Association. A. Tikhotsky is a great-great-great-granson of admiral Ricord. During plenty of years he is collecting archieve and literary documents about his famouse forefarther. At the instance of people visited the exhibition A. Tikhotsky held a first excursion.

In museum In museum
In School

In School

In School

   The holiday was continued in Scool #1. Pupils and teachers were getting prepared to the day since Spetember, 1. The school hall was decorated as a captain's bridge. It was also decorated with flags and symbolic map for travelling in the Sea of Study. The birthday of the famous countryman is marked as an island on this map, but the island is important, holiday. A historical game "Travel with Ricord" for young pupils took place om this day. The game was entertaining amusing merry but cognitive and softly-softly educational. A show-quiz "Sea Wheel of History" was help for older students. Regarding the quality of preparation and realization it was not inferior to Central TV quiz - programs. The scenario was written by the head of the local Library study of local lore department L. Medvedeva. It took children from one quest to another. Young captains from the "Famous Captains Club" helped in carring out different quests. The authoritative judges estimated the results very stricktly. "We have winners but not beaten" - said A. Tikhotsky giving the awards in the end of the quiz. The children presented a colored booklet-roll to the admiral Ricord's descendant. Besides the memorable text there are some pictures of the school building, first monument to a Teacher in Russia in front of the school and a model of the future memorable sign devoted to Ricord. An exhibition of children pictures with the subject "Sea, Kamchatka, Japan" was held in the school hall. The memorial complex of friendship between Russia and Japan Nanohana Hall on Avadzy island is interested in the exhibition and after the holidays in Toropets the exhibition will be moved to Japan. It's difficult to enumerate everybody taking part in preparing and realization of the school holiday. But it's obvious that A. Neelov, the school director assistant, was the moving spirit of the holiday. In the past he was a submariner.

   In the end of the day an extended meeting of the committee of the main anniversary holiday organization was held in the Regional Administration. The holiday was planned to be help in June, 29 - July, 1 on the Day of the City. "Now I'm absolutely sure our summer holiday will be held successfully" - said the head of the committee Vladimir Volosiuk, - "I've seen it in our children holiday". In the night almost all the committee gathered in Toropa Hotel to continue the discussion informally. A. Tikhotsky showed his photoalbums and told about his trip to Japan to visit the meeting of the "Golovnin's incident" descendants, about visiting historical places where the events took plase almost 2 centuries ago, about meeting the Japanese delegations in Saint-Petersburg and Kronshtadt, about his report preparation for the Russian Geographical Association meeting, about other interesting things connected with the admiral Ricord memory.
   During one day of January, 29 in a recordly short period of time a videofilm about the Ricords' year beginning on his native land was done. The movie was created by M. Turenko the head of junior photo and TV studio "Chaika", his son Andrew and E. Leonteva the head of House of kid's and youth creativity. It's possible to say without literally that the film was shooted, edited and wired for sound on one breath, on one creative impulse. The film turned out to be very interesting, bright, whole. In February, 20 this film was shown during the Russian Geographic Association meeting devoted to Ricord's anniversary who was one of the Association founders.

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