July 1, 2001


   The first in Russia monument (or memorable sign as it's called sometimes) to Pyotr Ricord was opened on 07/01/2001 in the City of Toropets - the native land of Ricord. The monument is situated on the Toropa river bank and Solomenko lake bank. In the summer the sunset highlights the monument like a specified searchligh (photo 1). The monument is not pretentious (photo 2) but it was not needed.

Photo 1 Photo 2
Photo 3

Photo 4

   One of the authors of the monumet is the Toropets school head assistant A. Neelov. A. Tikhotsy - a Ricord's descendant, also likes the monument (on photo 3 he is on the left side, Neelov is on the right side). A part of the opening ceremony can be seen in photo 4 and on the Toropets site. It's necessary to notice that the monumet has influenced some city traditions. Newly wedded couples visit the monument after it's opening. The local Museum is also grateful to the monument as it's situated in front of the museum and attracts attention of the people visiting the city of Toropets. Now they are not going by the Museum.

Photos made by A. Tikhotsky.

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