Janyary, 29, 2002

   According to the recommendations of the sciense-practical conference devoted to the 225 anniversary from the Pyotr Ricord's birthday the Day of Toropets seamen was established on January, 29 - the birthday of Ricord - in Toropets. On this day some events connected with the countrymen contribution to the defence of the Russian sea boundaries and world ocean research. In 2002 during the first Day of Toropets seamen the results of the Ricord's year were summarized.

  1. 29.01.2001 the admiral's birthday was celebrated on his native land. It started the "Ricord's year on his native land" (see additional information).
  2. The exhibition of subject-matter was prepared by the date in the Toropets Reginal Museum. Then the exhibition became a constant exposition (see additional information).
  3. An interesting game for primary school students "Travel with Ricord" and wonderful show-quiz for older students "The history wheel" were held (see additional information).
  4. The Russian Geographical Association's anniversary session was help in Pyotrburg on February, 20. Pyotr Ricord was one of the founders of the Association. Representatives of the Navy Central state archives, Russian National Library, Sciense Academy Library, State Navy Institute, Saint-Petersburg univesity were taking part in the meeting (a publication on this event is beeing prepared).
  5. A memorable medal of famous sculptor-medallist George Postnikoff devoted to Ricord and Golovnin - the Kuril islands explorers - was issued in spring by the Saint-Petersburg mint.
  6. Saint-Petersburg sculptors Nathalie Maximova and Tamara Dmitrieva created a monument to Pyotr Ricord and Takataya Kahe-i who saved Golovnin and other Russian sailors from the Japanese captivity and prevented the war between Russia and Japan in the beginning of the XIX century. The monument is placed in the Nanohana Hall Memorial on the Avadzy island. It's inauguration was held on 12/05/01.
  7. A site devoted to admiral Pyotr Ricord was created.
  8. Japanese TV company NHK made a 6-serial movie "Nanohana" about Takataya Kahe-i based on the Sibo Retaro roman "Nanohana-No Oki". The great part of the movie is devoted to Pyotr Ricord.
  9. The same company made a a documentary - journalistic film "Takataya Kahe-i in the nothern sea" based on essay of the Japanese writer Seno-O Kap. The role of Ricord in this film is also very important.
  10. 29.06 - 1.08 a big holiday was held in Toropets. In its program there were many events devoted to Ricord, to the sea, great travels, Kamchatka, Japan and so on (see the site of Toropets).
  11. A Sciense - practical conference devoted to Ricord was help. Its materials have a great interest both for specialists and for publi. (a publication is being prepared).
  12. Regional competition of ship-modellists devoted to P. Ricord was held.
  13. Ruassian - Japanese exhibition of children's pictures was prepared. After its presentation in Toropets it left for Japan and is now available in the Nanohana Hall Memorial on Avadzy island.
  14. The most important thing is inauguration of the first monument in Russia to admiral Ricord. Its situated on his native land, in Toropets, on a very good place - in the center of the town near the Regional Museum, on the Solomeno lake bank (a publication is being prepared).
  15. Agreemnet on blood brother relations is signed between Goshiki - the native town of Takataya Kahe-i - and Kronshtadt. It means that Ricord's name will resound as Japanese people are nor inclined to forget their history and people making it.
  16. The confirmation of the previous point is decision of the Japanese side to establish an author copy of the monument to Ricord and Takataya in Kronshtadt. It will be confined to the Day of the town in May, 2002.
  17. The admiral Ricord's name appears not only in Japanese mass media but in Russian also:
    • Almost all Saint-Petersburg and Kronshtadt newspapers and TV were telling about historical events connected with the "Golovnin's incident" and signing of the agreemnet on blood brother relations.
    • The newspaper "Kronshtadt time"published several articles with common tittle "3 feats of admiral Ricord".
    • The newspaper "Evening Peterburg" published several serious articles on the subject.
    • The Toropets Regional newspaper "Moj kraj" and its e-version regularly published articles on all events of the Ricord's year on his native land.
    • Kronshtadt TV company made a film.
    • Peterburg channel made a program in "Historical news chronicle" about expeditions in 1807-1809 and 1811-1813 which were finished nowadays by signing the agreemnet on blood brother relations.
    • Russian TV made a film about the Kronshtadt history in the "Russian Towns" cycle where the admiral has a very important role.
  18. Anniversary events of the 2001 year have their reflections for the future history in the trilogy created by Toropets photo-TV studio "Chaika":
    • The first film "January, 29" is about the birthday celebration in Toropets.
    • The second film "Russian Geographic Association" is about anniversary meeting in Peterburg and about memorable places in Peterburg and Kronshtadt connected with Ricord's name.
    • The third film "Ricord's year on the admiral's native land" is about celebration of the Day of the City, sciense - practical conference, monument inauguration and other events devoted to the famous countryman.
  19. The "Elibron Classic" publishing house published a new edition of the Ricord's book "Notes of the navy - capitan Ricord on his navigation to the Japanese coast" and Golovnin's book "Notes of navy - capitan Golovnin on his adventures in the Japanese captivity".
  20. Famous sculptor Veniamin Sidorenko became very keen on Ricord during his participation in sciense-practical conference in Toropets. After his returning from Toropets he created a medal "Peter Ricord - Russian Navy Admiral - 225 years" for the exhibition in the Saint-Petersburg Artillery Museum.

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