Year 2001

   In 2001 225 years passed after the birthday of the famous Russian navigator, naval commander, diplomat, shipbuilder, scientist and writer Pyotr Ricord. Many organizations in different cities and towns of Russia and outside its bounderies can consider the date to be their own one due to his effective 60-years activity in many different lines of fleet, sciense, trade and diplomatic relations development. In connection with the date the 2001 year was announced the "Admiral Pyotr Ricord's year" in the city of Toropets. The Admiral Ricord's year began on January, 29 and lasted till the end of the year.

° Toropets organization committee information
 ­ contact info >>>

° Events took place in the city of Toropets
 ­ January 29, 2001 >>>
 ­ Day of the city (official programm) >>>
 ­ Sciense-practical conference, June 30 (the publication is beeing prepared)
 ­ Memorable Sign opening, July 1 >>>

° Letters, Congratulations...
 ­ from Japan (the publication is beeing prepared)

° The Ricord's year results...
 ­ January, 29 2002 >>>

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